Symbol Multi-Provider

Introduction: This page provides a comprehensive dashboard to track and compare bid and ask prices for a single symbol across multiple providers directly from Excel. It integrates seamlessly with Binance and other providers, offering real-time data and comparisons.


Track Symbol Across Multiple Providers

Key Features:

  • Connects Excel to Binance and other providers.
  • Provides real-time market data.
  • Facilitates comparison of bid and ask prices across multiple providers.
  • Offers customizable inputs and actions for data fetching.
  • Simplifies market analysis and decision-making.

Binance and Other Providers Reports:

  • Real-time Order Book Data (getOrderBook): Fetches order book data for selected symbol from multiple providers.
  • Price Comparison: Calculates and compares the bid and ask prices across different providers.


  • Symbol Input: Allows input of the symbol to track.
  • Provider List: Auto-fills provider data for quick analysis and comparison.


  • Fetch Order Book: Retrieves order book data for the specified symbol and providers.
  • Compare Prices: Automatically calculates the differences in bid and ask prices among providers.
  • Display Data: Shows the minimum and maximum bid and ask prices for easy comparison.


  • Ensure the correct symbol is entered for accurate data fetching.
  • Use the auto-fill feature to quickly update and compare multiple providers.