Explore Dividend Earnings from Binance to Excel: Insights and Analysis in Your Currency

Introduction: Explore your dividend earnings with this comprehensive dashboard, providing insights into dividend distributions by asset and product in your chosen currency.


Excel reports to visualize your dividends

Key Points:

  • Gain insights into dividend earnings by asset and product.
  • Visualize dividend distributions over time.
  • Analyze dividend performance and trends.
  • Access detailed reports for informed decision-making.


  • Dividend by Asset: Visualizes dividend earnings by asset in your chosen currency.
  • Dividend per Product: Illustrates dividend distributions per product in your chosen currency.

Data Source:

  • Utilizes Binance data to fetch dividend records.
  • Filters applied for the last 180 days with a limit of 500 records.


  • Stay informed about your dividend earnings to make informed investment decisions.