API permissions on Binance

So, you now have an api key that we can use, but let's dive a bit more on the differents possibilities

List of api keys to check

API Restrictions:

  • Enable Reading: Allows the API key to access and read information from the associated account.
  • Enable Spot & Margin Trading: Grants permission for spot and margin trading using the API key.
  • Enable Margin Loan, Repay & Transfer: Permits the API key to initiate margin loans, repay them, and transfer funds related to margin trading.
  • Enable Futures: Authorizes the API key to engage in futures trading.
  • Enable Internal Transfer: Allows the API key to perform internal transfers within the associated account.
  • Permits Universal Transfer: Provides the capability for universal transfers, likely across different types of assets or accounts.
  • Enable Withdrawals: Grants the API key the ability to initiate withdrawals from the associated account.
  • Enable Symbol Whitelist: Permits the API key to manage a whitelist of symbols, likely for specific trading pairs or assets.

IP Access Restrictions:

  • Unrestricted (Less Secure): This setting allows the API key to be accessed from any IP address. It is considered less secure as it opens the possibility of unauthorized access.
  • Restrict access to trusted IPs only (Recommended): The recommended setting restricts API key access to trusted IP addresses only, enhancing security by limiting access to specified, trusted locations.

For LinkyFlow, you need

  • Enable Reading to be able to access your own wallet
  • Enable Spot & Margin Trading to be able to create order from Excel

IP Access restrictions won't work, because to be able to access Binance, LinkyFlow is going through an AWS server (located to Francfort). If you need a fixed IP, you can directly contact us.

It's totally OK to start with a Read Only api key, you will be able in the futur to create a new api key with Read & Write permission, then remove your read only api key and add your read & write key.