Set up your Binance api/secret key

Create a Binance key

To create the key, a Binance article describes how to do it:éer-des-clés-api-sur-binance-360002502072

In summary, you need to log in to your account, then navigate to "Api Management".

Binance menu with gestion api

Then "Create API" in the upper right corner.

Bouton pour créer une api

We have 2 choices: system-generated or self-generated, the simplest is to take the system-generated one.

2 choix : généré par systeme ou auto généré

We fill in the name and validate. Simple, isn't it?

The key is now created, with API Key and Secret Key. 2 important points:

  • The secret key is your password, keep it aside and never share it with anyone
  • Keep the API restrictions to "Allow Read". This limits access to read-only and does not authorize operations on the account. So no risk of unexpected transfers.
Résultat de la génération de clé