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Should you use crypto-assets as part of your liquidity strategy ?

This article covers the concept of liquidity, its importance for companies, and how it applies to the cryptocurrency market. It also compares the liquidity of traditional fiat currency to cryptocurrencies and discusses the risks and limitations of using cryptocurrency as a primary form of currency.
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The Role of Cryptocurrencies in Financial Inclusion: Opportunities and Challenges

This blog article explores the impact of cryptocurrencies on financial inclusion and how they are being used to provide financial services to individuals and businesses in developing countries who may have limited access to traditional banking services. We analyze the opportunities and challenges presented by cryptocurrencies in promoting financial inclusion, such as lower transaction costs, access to credit, and digital identities. However, we also examine the risks associated with cryptocurrencies, including regulatory uncertainty and volatility. By understanding the potential and limitations of cryptocurrencies, we can identify ways to leverage this technology to benefit those who need it the most, promoting economic growth and reducing poverty in developing countries.